Boston Fermentation Festival

Boston Fermentation Festival 2015


I'll be quick to admit off the bat that I am very delayed in my blogging. It's been an amazing fall so far and I've gotten to spend A LOT of time with fellow fermenters...which is something I am very grateful for. Back in October my friend and NYC Ferments partner in crime Zack Schulman and I took off from Brooklyn to Boston to attend the Boston Fermentation Festival spear headed by the super awesome Jeremy Ogusky.

This years event was held at the new Public Market and we spent the day making new friends, talking fermentation, sitting in on workshops, and eating...lots of eating! We met up with our friends Angela Davis (Just Food & NYC Ferments) and Michaela Hayes (also of NYC Ferments & Crock & Jar) and attended the workshops of Karen Solomon (, Kirsten Shockey (, Amanda Feifer (, and the amazing Chef Geoffrey Lucas ( who sadly passed away just a couple weeks after the festival. It was a honor to get to spend time amoungst these amazing people and to learn from them.

Some of my favorite inspirations of the day were the fermented butternut squash, the hops kombucha, loads of kimchi, brine shots with Hosta Hills, a fermented and dehydrated yogurt pellet soup by Geoff Lucas, and then the people. Nothing like a massive Kraut Mob to get your morning! Can't wait for next year!