From left to Right: Meals Jonakit, Peter Szakacs, Cheryl Paswater, and Nadia Eran

Cheryl Paswater,  Chief Fermentationist & CEO

Cheryl is the Chief Fermentationist and CEO of Contraband Ferments as well as a educator, artist, and writer. She has guest co-hosted on the radio show “Fuhmentaboudit!” (on Heritage Food Radio Network), co-organizes the NYC Fermentation Festival, and is a organizer of the NYC Ferments Meetup. She is a contributing writer for Edible Magazine as well as a contributor to the new book "Miso, Tempeh, Natto" and is currently working on her first book on fermentation due out sometime in the near-not so near future. You can find her teaching workshops and at festivals both regionally and internationally.  She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her partner, cat named Koji (which means "moldy rice") and all of her cultures as pets (aka: bacteria, yeast, and mold).