James Kinnie

Ferment! Ferment!

Over the weekend was one of our favorite days for the year! The annual Ferment! Ferment! event in Brooklyn hosted and organized by the amazing Zack Schulman. Ferment! Ferment! is a celebration of all things fermented, for the beginner and the experienced fermenter, and nerds unite!  And you better like to eat because when you walk in and see the rows of tables of everyone's homemade concoctions it's impossible to leave without sampling everything!

There was another fantastic turn out this year and four amazing workshops put on by some fantastic fermenters: Sauerkraut with Angela Davis, Fermented Nut Cheeses with our very own Cheryl Paswater, Sour Beers with James Kinnie, and Kefir based drinks with Ken Fornotoro. There was a great crowd and great food -- so many highlights from Tempeh Pigs in a Blanket with Fermented Ketchup, Dosa, Fermented Cookies, Beer, Kimichi's, Herbal Kombucha's, and more. An event guaranteed to leave your gut and microbiome in a happy place.

Thank you to everyone who came out and makes this community such a special one because that's the thing that makes Ferment! Ferment! so amazing. Gathering our amazingly interesting and creative community together in the name of fermentation. Ferment ALL the things!!