Blackberry Wine

Wine. That tasty beverage has captured us. Obsessed is more like it. This winter we've thrown ourselves head first into the world of wine making and we're loving it! Combine fruit, sugar, water and yeast and through a little magic and thinking you too can make your own wines.

We just made a nice Blackberry Wine that we are going to let sit a little longer this winter after we ciphon it and we can't wait to drink it!  Makes 1 gallon


3 pints blackberries

2 cups sugar


1 packet of Lalvin D47 yeast


Take your blackberries and heat them up in in pan with some water to get them soft. We heated ours for about 5 minutes. Set the aside and let them cool. Once you sterilize your jars or carboys with Sani Star  and then fill 1/3 of the way with water. Add sugar and shake. Once your berries have cooled I like to pour the liquid through a mesh strainer and then take a spoon and press the berries through. Alternatively you could take the mixture and run it through a blender or food processor. Add the puree to the container and then your yeast and top off with water. Only fill to the bend in your jar leaving enough space. Shake well and then add a airlock. Label and date your wine and put it in a cool dark place to ferment.