Fermented Cranberries in Honey

Winter fermentation life can be so different that the bounty that comes in late Spring and runs through late Fall. One of our favorites is Cranberries. I know most of us associate them with cranberry sauce but, we like this spin on these amazing potent berries.

INGREDIENTS: (Makes 1 quart)

4 cups Raw Cranberries

4-5 cups Honey

1" inch Ginger Root

Take your cranberries and give them a rinse under water and then you can either lightly food process them or leave them whole and prick each berry with a knife or fork. We like the later option for this process.

Put your cranberries in a clean jar with the ginger root cut into think slices. Pour honey over the top of the cranberries until you just cover them. Make sure to leave at least 2" of space in the top of the jar to allow for gases and also for the liquid that will be released from the cranberries as the honey ferments them.

We like to let them sit for 5-7 days, periodically giving the jar a little shake. And then enjoy! We like to add this to cocktails, into salads cut with vinegar and other vegetables, and more!