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Sauerkraut at the Brooklyn Public Library at Clinton Hill
6:30 PM18:30

Sauerkraut at the Brooklyn Public Library at Clinton Hill

Join us for another amazing Sauerkraut workshop at the Clinton Hill Library!

Fermentation is one of the oldest food-processing methods still used today. The science of fermentation studies the conversion of carbohydrates using yeast or bacteria into alcohols, gases, or acid. Beer, miso, sourdough, kefir, kimchi, and many other delicious foods are the product of fermentation. In this course we cover the basic science behind making the funky, fermented treat sauerkraut and why it’s good for you, and then we’ll teach you how to make it yourself. If you are interested in Old World food preservation, gut health, or fermentation in general, this is the class for you. This class is family friendly—parents and their children are welcome to attend!

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Teaching at Berkshire Fermentation Festival
10:00 AM10:00

Teaching at Berkshire Fermentation Festival

We're going to be in the fermenting fray at the Berkshire Fermentation Festival this year teaching about fermented nut cheeses! Our Chief Fermentationist, Cheryl Paswater will be at the festival all weekend! Come say hello and get to know more of the fermenting community.

Check out the schedule below:

SCHEDULE of Events

We will have two presentation areas, FIZZ and POP

10am    Cultured Dairy:  The good and bad and the nutritious and delicious
As part demonstration and part lecture, six time cancer survivor and Natural Health Educator and Coach, Dan Hegerich, will take you through an introduction to the Art (play) and Science (experimentation) of cultured dairy; specifically dairy milk.  In this presentation you will learn to understand the two basic types of culturing milk, the two main aspects to culturing milk, and two main principle concepts to consider when consuming cultured milk products and much more.  Samples will be available.  

11am    Observations of Fermentation: The foundation of creativity is observation. With Luke Pryjma  
Observation implies a relationship.  What is between you and your ferment?  I enjoy being sloppy, playful, wild, witty and a little bit dangerous with fermentation.  This is a lecture that blends science and anecdotes for an experience of one part calamity, one part adventure, one part addiction, one part insight.  Certainly, boundaries will be tested and I honor those that aren't.

1pm    Tepache & Friends: Mexican Fermented Beverages with Adam Elabd
Discover some of the diverse and delicious fermented beverages of Mexico.  You'll learn how to make and get to taste homemade tepache and learn about the process and tradition behind it and several other traditional ferments such as tejuino, colonche, tibicos, pulque, tequila & mezcal. Be sure to check out his books for sale at the resource table!

2pm    Phoebe Young makes fermented, cold smoked, semi dry sausage she calls New Lebanon baloney. She will describe her process specifically and talk about fermenting meat as one of several strategies for meat preservation.

3pm    Kimchi: Making and Cooking with It With Andrea Chesman
The Korean pickled vegetable known as kimchi is one of the most popular fermented pickles in America, as well as in Korea.  Learn what it takes to make authentic-tasting kimchi and how to cook with it when it begins to get too sour to enjoy straight out of the jar. Samples will be shared.

11:30am    Adamah will cover the basics of lacto-fermentation with mixed, seasonal vegetables from our farm in Falls Village, CT.  Learn about the process of home-scale and commercial pickling, how it can fit into the garden and kitchen at home or to reduce waste on the farm.    

1:30pm    Cheryl of Contraband ferments cultured nut cheese

2:30pm    Richard Bourdon, owner of Berkshire Mountain Bakery will present on ultra fermented low carb, high protein bread. If time permits, he will also speak about how the best foods can make you sick.

Benjamin Wolfe and two of his grad students will be set up all day sharing with us their latest research in their lab on the microbiology of sauerkraut. They are learning that different varieties of cabbages have distinct microbiomes and where you grow your cabbage can impact the microbes that end up in your ferments. They will provide an update on their latest findings and will will have a microscope setup so we can see sauerkraut microbes up close. Make sure to stop by his table!

Come visit the resources tent for book signings!

All Day --Kushi Institute: Miso soup, natto, tempeh, sauerkraut food demos and presentation on vegan macrobiotic cooking and lifestyle.

Live Music!
Moonshine Holler 11- 1:30 pm
Whiskey Jack String Band   1:45- 4pm

Culture swap
Bring cultured to trade and share at our culture swap table. ie sourdough starter, scobys, kefir grains, etc.

For the kids
Jenny with Food Adventures will be making vegetable ferments

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