"I'm an Integrative Nutritionist and a huge believer in the health benefits of fermented foods.  I always wanted to learn how to safely make a variety of fermented foods on my own because I know how easy and cost effective it is.  That's when I found Cheryl of Contraband Ferments and I'm forever grateful I did.  We set up a call and tailored a workshop specifically for what we needed.  She suggested a menu that was perfect - sauerkraut (a few different ways with different seasonings), pickled carrots and dosa. She fermented the dosas batter in advance so we could cook and sample them immediately....OMG YUM.  I'm 8.5 months pregnant and my baby was dancing with joy while eating it not to mention, ferments are a pregnancy superfood.  Not only did she demonstrate the how-tos she educated in the process.  Cheryl is the leading expert when it comes to fermentation and healing the gut.  I already recommended her to all my folks!"

--Nikki Ostrower, Founder & Nutritionist of NAO Nutrition


"Cheryl's talents go beyond her fermentation practice; she values human experience in her work as a culinary artist. Contraband Ferments is fueled by a tribe who celebrates and explores our greater community of bacteria. It sets the bar for an intermingling of ecosystems, encouraging a more meaningful experience between humans and bacteria today."

--Tara Whitsitt,  Founder of Fermentation on Wheels


"Cheryl is a Midas of ferments – everything she touches turns to (fermented) gold! Her products run the gamut from the familiar, such as sauerkraut and kombucha, to the exotic (Fermented hot sauce, anyone? It’s great!), and all is very yummy.

Her Fermentation CSA is a great opportunity to sample several new and different fermented foods on a regular basis. It’s been a great discovery for me, both in terms of taste and the health benefits of fermented foods.

As a teacher, Cheryl is unfailingly patient and carefully describes everything. She’s generous in sharing her fermentation “secrets” with the world, and always keeps a sense of humor!"

- Barbara Rogers,  Brooklyn, NY